Città della Pieve

Umbria is beautiful, all year round. Each and every month of the year has it´s very own charm and quality, its colors, scents and sounds. The people of Umbria are still very much in tune with a rhythm given by nature itself.

Within the medieval boundary walls of the town, you‘ll find plenty of witnesses of a turbulent and rich history. Numerous shops, cafés and restaurants inviting you for a stroll or remain and watch the busy life in the streets.

The personal touch and extraordinary friendliness of the people of Città della Pieve, surely contribute to the special charm of the town. The Italian spoken in this area is said to be one of the clearest and most beautiful in the country. No doubt, you will enjoy your holiday here and in no time it will feel like a home away from home.

Supposedly, already Etruscans and Romans had established their dwellings at the same place where today Città della Pieve is situated.