Renting the house in autumn/ winter is a way of discovering Umbria/Tuscany at its most intimate. The lifestyle which has developed over the last years it what captures our guests most. Come and share Italian/Umbrian Christmas traditions.

Umbria in autumn/ winter is Umbria at its most intimate. Tourism is practically non-existent from October to March. This is the time when Umbrian’s and Tuscans take possession of their country again.

Your warm house will welcome you. The house has two open fireplaces. A communal meeting/dining room and professional kitchen for large groups are also available at the neighboring house, for separate rental in case of family celebrations, group activities or courses.

The winter months are sprinkled with surprisingly sunny days on which you can drink your cappuccino on the piazza, your back against a sunny wall. Often you can luncheon outside in the sun. Afterwards you might want to stroll among the stalls of the local market and buy the seasonal local produce, which is surprisingly varied even in winter.

Unlike colder climates further north, especially the Umbrian countryside remains green throughout the winter months. The fields are covered in grass, the olive trees keep their silver green leaves, the cypress and pine trees do not shed their needles, and the colors of the countryside are dominated by warm greens, reds and browns, graphic landscape, which varies widely according to the season.

In winter the fields are covered by a veil of winter-wheat, and the shadows thrown by the undulations of the hills make the landscape seem rippled with movement. This is the time the take treks through the area with or with out your photo camera.

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