Villa-Cerqualto has a new Website

Dear GuVilla Cerqualto, Rental Villa Umbriaests, Friends and Family – everyone,

we just made our new Villa-Cerqualto – Rental Villa Umbria live and I hope you like it. Please have a look through the website.

I would love your feedback and if spot any bugs please let me know as well.

I put some emphasis on the house itself, the pool and garden, plus some things you can do outside the house, as well and the closer vicinity.

Have I forgotten anything? What do you think of the site? Can you find things easily?

I certainly haven't listed all Events and Services yet and will soon add some more things that you can do in and around the house but for now,

  • what do you like?
  • what could we improve, ?
  • what would you also like to see?

Just let me know, any of your thoughts are very welcome.

Plus I would love to hear some 'praise' of what you liked when you stayed at Villa Cerqualto, so I can put it on the website, too. Anyone interested in staying here at the villa would probably love to hear from you what you liked and what you didn't like so much, e.g. the sunshine, the beautiful views, the panoramic pool, the lush garden,  the wonderful food, etc. 😉

Speak to you soon,


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