Place With a Soul

Almost everything good has already been told about this villa – position, atmosphere, beds, views, hostess, swimming pool, etc. Everything till the last word is true. We are another family to prove it.
But we want to add something from us!
Would you like after holiday be so relaxed that everyone asks you ”Where have you been? I want to go there too!!!!” Intrigued? Than go to the Cerqualto. And remember – 2 weeks is absolute minimum. It is simply too good to leave it after 7 days. We’ve booked villa for 2 weeks but we wake up earlier to prolong the pleasure of staying there. No jokes, I am serious. I had problems to drag my family away for sightseeing and (or my God!) even shopping.
Stephanie very seriously treats her clients’ privacy. You will not find signs (e.g. “Villa Cerqualto, 5 km”) leading to villa, as she does not want clients to be disturbed by imprudent tourist looking for rentals. But don’t be afraid – she gives very clear instruction and places her hints on the way to Cerqualto so you will not get lost even if you want to. Besides, you will have an opportunity to be for a moment a young trail-seeker, which is nice in any age. Your privacy may be broken only by porcupines coming at night to eat Stephanie’s flowers (she runs among them explanatory work but without a big success).
If staying far from civilization on Umbria’s hills will make you feel lonely for a moment, Stephanie’s Labrador Chiara wil keep you a company for the dinner absolutely free of charge (well, the sausage will be welcomed).
And last, but not least. Stephanie produces very tasty olive oil and fig marmalade which I named “Goodbye figure ”, as I finished a pot within a day.
Do not hesitate – go there and after coming back you will rush to the computer to recommend it to others or rent it for the next season (or both).
Recommended for:  Age 55+, Adventure Seekers, Sightseeing, Families with Young Children, Romantic Getaway
Ukraine, Lviv
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